Turton and Edgworth Primary School pupils take over Edgworth village

PUBLISHED: 01:16 11 July 2011 | UPDATED: 19:41 20 February 2013

We’re in charge - the children who took over the village

We’re in charge - the children who took over the village

Children aged ten and eleven at Turton and Edgworth Primary School took over the running of their village. Here, they describe the day in their own words and pictures

Our school held a Village Day with year six children visiting and running different businesses around Edgworth Village.

Lots were involved, ranging from restaurants and shops, to medical centres and dentists. We visited some of the important recreation centres within Edgworth, such as the Barlow Institute, where we met the parish council, the bowling club and many more.

These gave year six the opportunity to practise their speaking and
listening skills by interviewing the owners and working closely with the businesses. It also gave them an opportunity to practise some business skills for later life.

Year six have been learning about Burkino Faso in Africa, since Mrs Baines and Mrs Hobson visited a school over there. They compared what Edgworth might be like compared to a village in Africa.

We also had lots of visitors in school during the day including the Mayor and our local MPs. They looked around the school and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the children in their roles. The MPs also shared their lunch with us in the school hall which was served by the year threes in the kitchen.

Year three also helped run the school taking up a variety of roles and even impersonated the role of the head teacher. Other year groups joined in the day by dressing up as jobs they would like to do when they grow up.

Year five were also involved in the excitement of the day by capturing the events as they happened. Using computers and recording equipment, year five pupils interviewed the year six and business owners about their day. They reported to the rest of the school by showing video clips, news reports and designing our school website pages. It was great to feel like
a real news reporter.

Overall it was a fantastic day and a thrilling opportunity. We are very thankful to everyone who helped us run the day and the businesses that let us have an insight into what they do and how the help the village run.

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