Chocolate by Josie - bringing the sweet life to Southport

PUBLISHED: 15:19 23 November 2011 | UPDATED: 21:28 04 February 2016

Chocolate by Josie - bringing the sweet life to Southport

Chocolate by Josie - bringing the sweet life to Southport

We meet a woman from Southport who has turned her hobby into a delicious business. Amanda Griffiths reports PHOTOGRAPHY BY KIRSTY THOMPSON

Josie’s chocolate pizzas are unlike competitors as every component is made from chocolateJosie’s chocolate pizzas are unlike competitors as every component is made from chocolate

Josie Morris doesn’t spend much time in sweet shops and with very good reason. The kitchen of her home in Southport forms the production line for her own unique brand of chocolates.

‘It was a hobby that got out of control,’ laughs Josie, who has always been a excellent cook, making bread and jams and treating the family to  homemade truffles at Christmas.

‘When my eldest son got married in 2002 he asked me if I would make chocolates as favours for the wedding,’ she adds.

They went down well with the guests and a few years later her husband put her name down for a chocolate-making course as a Christmas gift.

The raspberry chocolate bars that are Josie’s best-sellersThe raspberry chocolate bars that are Josie’s best-sellers

Josie  trained as a chemist, but after raising a family she worked in market research.  When contracts started to dry up she decided to
start selling handmade chocolates at farmers’ markets. She started at
Burscough market in 2009 and it just grew from there.

Josie’s chocolates are now much in demand, with people arriving at her
regular markets to stock up and she is a speaker at numerous ladies’ groups and charity events, where she’ll demonstrate her art.

‘I love doing the demonstrations and I’ll speak for as long as they want me to,’ she says.

‘The only thing I won’t do now is the summer shows because typically they’re in a marquee - heat and chocolate really don’t mix!’

Chocolate lolly pops and ‘posh chocolate’ drops for the childrenChocolate lolly pops and ‘posh chocolate’ drops for the children

Josie uses Belgian chocolate, which she describes as ‘a bit more expensive, but it tastes better, too.’

Her range includes boxes with centres including orange, strawberry and praline, all of them finished off with Josie’s unique stamp – edible  transfer patterns made from cocoa butter.

‘I also make a range of things for kids and loose chocolates,’ she says. ‘I think people at gatherings like farmers’  markets want something loose they can dig into rather than a box of chocolates to carry around with them.

‘I make mini chocolate pizzas and lollipops, chocolate mice and  dinosaurs, hearts and posh chocolate drops with those transfers on.

Josie Morris with a selection of sweet treats at home in SouthportJosie Morris with a selection of sweet treats at home in Southport

‘They’re what make my chocolates stand out from the crowd I think.’
However, Josie’s best seller, and one of her specialities is her raspberry
chocolate bars, where freeze dried raspberries have been set into the
chocolate. ‘I’ve tried it with other fruit too, but raspberries seem to go down the best,’ she says.

As well as her standard ranges Josie can also be commissioned for various projects, creating chocolate birds as a treat for a pigeon fancier’s 70th birthday as well as a chocolate wedding cake for her second son’s  wedding.

And although Josie always has a supply of chocolates in the house she’s decidedly reserved when it comes to eating it.

‘I try to package it as soon as I can, partly for hygiene reasons but also so I can’t be tempted to eat it,’ she laughs. ‘I leave quality control down to  my sons and grandchildren these days. But it is nice knowing there’s
always some there, just in case.

‘I don’t think I’ve bought a bar of chocolate from the shop since I started
the business. It doesn’t taste as nice any more. In fact, we gave my  younger grandson a shop-bought chocolate bar the other day and he wouldn’t eat it because it didn’t taste as good as mine!’

There’s no higher praise than that.

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