K.O Juice to launch Health Bar in Lytham

PUBLISHED: 00:00 01 January 2016

Olivia Knowles and Katherine Wholey

Olivia Knowles and Katherine Wholey


Meet the women helping people boost their health and nutrition this New Year. Emma Mayoh reports

K.O. JuiceK.O. Juice

More people than ever are buying blenders, and juicers and social media is flooded with images of recipes, juices and lists of superfoods, all designed to help us be healthier and make sure the body receives the right balance of vitamins and minerals. Now, a Fylde company is making it simpler to achieve these goals.

K.O Juice was launched by Katherine Wholey and Olivia Knowles last February. They have devised a range of cold-pressed juices designed to cleanse, detoxify and revitalise a person’s diet.

Katherine, originally from South Africa, said: ‘Our drinks are cold-pressed. The way they are prepared means you get the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes out of the produce. It uses hydraulic pressure to extract juice in the softest way possible.

‘It is a fantastic way to be healthier and to move away from processed foods that aren’t good for you. With a little preparation, it is easy and definitely worth it because you will feel much better.’

Olivia Knowles and Katherine Wholey prepare ingredients in the kitchenOlivia Knowles and Katherine Wholey prepare ingredients in the kitchen

Katherine, 31, discovered the importance of nutrition and how juices can help while living in Los Angeles. It became a part of her family’s life and husband Ryan and daughter, Layla, often have juices and other supplements for a healthy boost.

But the business was first mooted when she moved to St Annes and met Olivia, who lives in Poulton. They have backgrounds in biomedicine, naturopathic nutrition and sports science and do ongoing studies at the Centre of Naturopathic Medicine in Manchester. The juices they make range from those that can be used to complement a healthy diet to juice cleanses that can take up to five days. The drinks are packed with fruit and veg including beetroot, fennel, exotic fruits, apples and carrots.

Olivia, 23, said: ‘It is also important to us that our juices taste amazing and make you feel amazing. Mums from some of the local schools ask us for juices for their children. It’s a way of making sure your child is getting optimum nutrition but they also are enjoying a drink they like.’

As well as preparing and selling the juices, Katherine and Olivia also create cleanse diets for everything from weight loss to help with medical conditions. They also act as consultants, helping people make healthy additions to their lifestyles.

Preparing the ingredientsPreparing the ingredients

Katherine said: ‘We have worked with people who have extremely bad diets and we have helped them make important changes and transitions to help them live healthier lives.

‘If we are working with people with serious health issues then we work with GPs. We would never interfere with medical advice. But we’ve had some great results.’

The pair will this month launch a Health Bar, in Lytham which will also serve healthy nutritious food. They have teamed up with Jamie Hargreave a former chef at renowned Manchester restaurant Australasia. Jamie, 30, will cook delicious dishes to complement the juices.

Olivia, said: ‘We’ve seen research that says juice bars will be the new coffee shops. In places like Australia and Los Angeles, they are on every corner but the UK hasn’t caught on to it as much yet. We want to be the first company to bring this trend to the Fylde Coast.

‘Everyone wants to be healthy and look great. We’re making this accessible and affordable without compromising on taste, while leaving you completely satisfied. We are really looking forward to making the Health Bar a success. We’ve seen there is a real demand for it so we’re excited to get started.’

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