4 healthy juice recipes you should try

PUBLISHED: 00:00 01 January 2016

Try these recipes by K.O. Juice

Try these recipes by K.O. Juice


K.O. juice share four delicious juice recipes that will do you the world of good

Mr PepperMr Pepper

Mr Pepper
This is a good choice if you’re run down and fighting colds and fly. Peppers are a great source of food to ward of infection and also act as a natural painkiller.

100g red pepper
100g yellow pepper
100g orange pepper
1 orange
Handful of strawberries
1 tsp chopped mint leaves

Juice all of the ingredients and whizz in a blender or put in a juicer.

Super GreensSuper Greens

Lytham Super Greens
This juice, named after Lytham Green, is a combination of celery and fennel that help the body utilise magnesium and calcium to calm nerves. This is also coupled with the sedative effect of lettuce.

175g pineapple
125g apple
125g Romaine lettuce
50g celery
50g fennel
1tsp chopped tarragon

Juice all of the ingredients and whizz in a blender with two ice cubes

Energy BlastEnergy Blast

Energy blast
This juice contains cinnamon which is good for stabilising blood sugar. To add an extra boost of glucose-regulating chromium so it can aid in increasing energy levels.

250g apple
125g spinach
100g yellow pepper
1tsp raw wheat germ
Pinch of cinnamon

Juice all of the ingredients and whizz in a blender or put in a juicer.


This is a juice that is great for heart conditions and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease.

100g apple
75g pineapple
75g carrots
50g beetroot
25g blueberries
Squeeze of lemon

Juice all of the ingredients and whizz in a blender or put in a juicer.


Five benefits of juicing

Your body receives its required amount of vitamins and minerals

The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables are essential to younger looking skin.

Folic acid in fruits keep hair and nails strong.

Juicing is a healthy way to support a weight-loss programme.

Juicing is an ideal way to aid recovery from illness.



Why is juicing important?

Nutritional benefits: it is virtually impossible to eat a whole bag of apples. However, by pulping them to create a fresh apple juice, the body will receive a super boost of nutrients in an easy assimilated form and feel satisfied. Making juice from good quality produce guarantees a juice bursting with goodness. By combining several types of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, the body receives its full quota of vitamins and minerals.

Rapid assimilation: not only do pure juiced fruits and vegetables taste wonderful and make a delicious addition to the diet, but the nutrients they contain are utilised by the body farm more quickly than those the body gets from solid food. This requires many hours of digestion before any nourishment is available to cells and tissues.

All round good health: If you are suffering from any underlying healthy issues, juicing can only benefit you with all the nutrients your body will consume. Through regular juicing PH levels in the body will be in a pro anti-inflammatory state.

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