Supernova Living - former footballer Jermaine Beckford launches protein drinks

PUBLISHED: 00:00 31 January 2020

Supernova Living MAN

Supernova Living MAN

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Fed up of ‘negative nutrition’ and in search of something more gut-friendly, former footballer Jermaine Beckford and his wife Laura launched their own plant-protein range.

Supernova Living founders Jermaine and Laura BeckfordSupernova Living founders Jermaine and Laura Beckford

As a footballer, Jermaine Beckford was one of the fittest premier league strikers in the business; only made fitter by his co-developed plant-based protein powders with wife Laura.

Rewind three-and-a-half years and heavy protein powders were proving too much for his gut health, leaving him feeling lethargic post-training and with rollercoaster levels of focus and endurance on the pitch. So, the couple made it their mission to do better. And it worked.

Their radiance oozes that 'I want what you've got' feeling, a notion Jermaine says his teammates picked up on ever since the day he switched out regular protein powders for the couple's own recipe. Out went the club-promoted 'rubbish' and in came a mix of natural plant-based proteins, superfoods and adaptogens, all in the name of Supernova Living: recently rebranded to a 'life powder'.

'We were supposed to be in our peak physical fitness', Jermaine says. 'This is our mid-20s when you are supposed to be full of beans and you don't want to stop working. But all the players were saying the exact same thing and complaining about how the protein powders were making their gut feel. We thought we could do better.'

Supernova Living WOMANSupernova Living WOMAN

The real lightbulb moment came when Jermaine's football performance stats shot up exponentially. Club trainers and coaches were asking what he'd done differently, what had changed. It was the talk of the changing room. 'We came home and were both a bit giggly because the only thing that had changed was that he was on this different supplement,' says Laura. 'And he has never come off it.'

The specially designed recipes are formulated into three separate ranges to suit the lifestyles of both men and women. Laura's passion for health and wellness was sprouted from her family upbringing - she lives a predominantly plant-based lifestyle and has done all her life; her aunty is a naturopathic nutritionist and her father is a reiki master. Her great granny lived to be 102 and is warmly remembered for making nettle tea.

'One of the reasons we started a wellness company is because people always used to say to us: "Why are you so energic? Why are you so positive?",' Laura says. 'Even now people that are going plant-based are saying: "Oh, you'll be proud". But we are not judging; we do it because we feel good off it and that is why we wanted our range to be vegan.

'We are getting people coming back to us saying they have been able to get out of the house because they are no longer feeling anxious, that their hair has grown back or their eczema has disappeared. It is very hypoallergenic, it's great for the environment, it is sustainable '- and it tastes amazing.' Jermaine adds. Each blend is built around the same base ingredients, which uniquely all have therapeutic levels of organic adaptogens.

'When we did a lot of market research - and just knowing Jermaine and I - we really wanted different things,' Laura laughs. Women wanted more energy; they wanted their hormones balancing and they wanted to be less bloated and de-stressed. The ingredient list boasts 18 per cent raw cacao; organic matcha 'for the energy without the downer'; psyllium husk to act as a gut cleanser and to keep you fuller for longer, as well as organic ashwagandha which Laura says is proven to reduce stress and anxiety by up to 40 per cent. As for Jermaine, he wanted to 'actually make a difference' to his performance.

'The men's powder has got quite a few similar ingredients which do a lot of the same,' he says. 'But it also helps to increase energy, increase focus and increase stamina. It reduces stress and is great for gut health alongside ticking all of those protein powder boxes.'

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