The Bowland Brewery - Bashall Barn Farm Shop

PUBLISHED: 23:49 12 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:34 20 February 2013



There's a beautiful spot where they've got everything in place to start a real ale brewery - the only problem is that it's 10,000 miles away. But the Falkland Islands' loss is Bowland's gain and we can reap the benefits.

Richard Baker made his first beer at Bashall Barn in spring 2003 but the idea had been brewing away for years. 'I was working in the Falklands and one of the projects I was involved with was one to bring a real ale brewery to the islands. The infrastructure is in place there now but it hasn't happened yet.

'My dad was in the Army and I grew up travelling all over the UK and all over the world and then after I left university I worked for firms all over the place as well. The only place that really blew me away was the area around Bowland which I hadn't known existed before I went there.

'When my contract in the Falklands came to an end and I had the idea of opening a brewery I plotted all the breweries in Britain on a map and noticed there was something of a hole around this area. I didn't realise quite how much open space there was, but it's been going really well since day one.'

The brewery - now established at the Bashall Barn Farm Shop which specialises in local produce - last year doubled its capacity and currently brews 6,000 litres of beer a week which is available from Lancaster to Manchester.

But Richard said: 'I'm looking at increasing the capacity again.

'Everything is positive about the future and I am hoping that the next expansion will take the brewery to 12 times its original size. Ideally I'd like to stay on the same site, but I would certainly not leave the Bowland area. The location is key to the beer.

'The water in this area is superb and because it is so soft you can add minerals to achieve the taste of almost any beer in the world. Also, I see the brewery as an important way of promoting this beautiful area.'

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