The art of planning a home cinema room

PUBLISHED: 00:00 21 September 2015

LAN Oct15 Alisons interiors

LAN Oct15 Alisons interiors


Winter is just the time to appreciate a luxurious home cinema, writes Alison Tordoff

There’s only one thing better than a night out at the movies, and that’s a night in at the movies, if you have your own home cinema. And now, with the nights drawing in and the weather feeling colder, we have a natural instinct for hibernation.

We’ve come a long way from watching DVDs on a small screen, and we have been working on a project to show just how tactile and sumptuous in-house entertainment can be now.

We know that the technical demands of such installations can be overwhelming, and the end result can be more akin to sitting in your own lecture theatre, surrounded by banks of kit, rather than snuggling cosily in your favourite sofa (with a bag of popcorn, of course).

In planning our prototype, we were mindful to create a tactile and relaxing lounge first and foremost, which can then be transformed, with scene-setting lighting and surround sound, into an experience to please all the senses.

Special attention is paid to the finishes which not only visually enhance the viewing experience but also stand alone as a tactile and restful space to lounge. For best acoustic effects, is a certain percentage of the wall finishes need to be hard, to bounce the sound, and then a section of the wall for medium sound absorption, with the final finishes for the wall and floor to absorb.

Clever integration of the audio kit into beautiful, purpose made cabinets makes the furniture look like a part of any classy sitting room.

The carpet we have chosen is pure luxury, inspired by the Lake District, made from Herdwick wool, it is literally from fell to floor, supplied by Wools of Cumbria Carpets, a beautiful mix of contemporary grey stripe with a deep cosy pile to sink your toes into.

There’s a cocktail cabinet which provides “light refreshments” but also displays the skills of master craftsmen of Lakeland Fells Furniture honed into a contemporary style. We used American black walnut for the large double entrance doors and the Narnia-style ‘secret’ bookshelf door leading to another room, creating that excitement of leading to another space.

Detail and interest were added by a wedge veneer coffee table and a side table with dark sweat lime veneer, complemented with several stunning glass pieces in the illuminated alcoves by Jo Vincent.

The interior needs carefully considered lighting ‘layers’ - task, ambient, accent, background, decorative and service lighting using the latest in LED lights, which are controlled effortlessly with scene-setting technology designed and programmed by the north west’s own experts, Epixx. So who needs Hollywood for a night at the movies?

Alison Tordoff runs Fidget, an international award-winning interior design company based in Windermere. You can see Alison’s designs in specifically-created room settings at a new exhibition showroom in Windermere, Special Spaces, on Woodland Road.

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