Blackburn artist shows Lancashire the colour of love

PUBLISHED: 17:22 20 May 2016 | UPDATED: 17:23 20 May 2016

Love and Colour

Love and Colour


Six months ago, in the small hours of the morning, artist, Daniel Davidson had a brainwave which led to his latest online venture.

Blackburn-based Daniel Davidson is an artist. He began a career in the music industry and naturally gravitated towards the more visual side of things, eventually working on book covers, album covers and t-shirt designs. He has designed visuals for Virgin Records, the Shoreditch-based t-shirt company We Admire, and Crown Paints. But six months ago, in the small hours of the morning, he had a brainwave which led to his latest online venture.

With young children of his own, he had recently found himself - like many others - spending a lot of time scrolling through the images on his phone and reminiscing about heartfelt moments and happy memories.

But with this came the frustration that he could be doing more with his photographs - he should be doing more with his photographs. And out of this frustration was born his online business, Love and Colour.

Love and ColourLove and Colour

He began the process of doing justice to the images of his family, and replicating them in his own distinctive art style. Before long his family and friends were asking for illustrations of their own photos, and he now accepts submissions from the public on his website.

It’s a simple 3-step process. The customer emails Daniel a photo of their choice - selfie, holiday snap or anything else. Daniel then invites the customer to be part of the final colour consultation, where they choose the bright, vibrant colours to be used in the finished piece. Finally he creates and delivers the piece by courier.

“My intention was to create something original, unique and timeless,” he says. “For me and my loved ones. A celebration of my beautiful children, using colours and lines that echo their character and personality.”

Love and ColourLove and Colour

It seems his desire has triggered something in the wider population as he’s now regularly taking commissions through the Love and Colour site.

As our lives become increasingly digital, much of the media we consume is fleeting. Instantaneous, and gone in a flash. Photos are taken in a moment, posted to Facebook or Instagram, then hidden from view by scrolling users. The photos stay on the phone, looked at only when you go digging for it. Most never even make it onto a bigger screen.

For Daniel, it’s the transformation of digital to reality that he thinks is appealing to so many people. His ambition with Love and colour is to solidify those memories and turn them into something real, unique, and beautiful. To transcend the digital world.

Love and ColourLove and Colour

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