Bullough's Wall by David Birtwistle - Lancashire Poetry

PUBLISHED: 14:02 20 January 2010 | UPDATED: 16:30 20 February 2013

A poem by David Birtwistle

It was sixteeen a side football against Bulloughs wall

The lamp post a corner, the yard gate the goal.

The kerb was a full back, there were no offsides.

Barb wire topped the bar, the pitch two streets wide.

Size ten clogs wove a delicate trace

With an old rubber ball or a case without lace.

There were no referees, it was free for all

As England beat Scotland along Bulloughs wall.

Then came the summer, long days off school.

It was fifteen a side cricket against Bulloughs wall.

The wickets were chalk on the loading bay door.

The gutter the crease, the post box a four.

Over the cut it was six and out

And the next man in was the loudest shout.

There were no L.B.W.s, no bails to fall

As England beat the Aussies along Bullouhgs wall.

Now some played at Wembley in a cup final dream

And some played for England on Lords velvet green.

But some fell at Ypres and some on the Somme.

Others fell at Delville on the way home.

And those that remain, pay out their toll

With Satanic labour inside Bulloughs wall.

David Birtwistle

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