6 Things to consider when purchasing a New Riser Recliner

PUBLISHED: 16:38 01 May 2014 | UPDATED: 17:13 15 May 2015

The Recliner Lounge

The Recliner Lounge


With so many riser recliners on the market the choice of what type of product to purchase can be a midfield. Riser recliners can be purchased for as little at £299 and can go up into thousands of pounds. So what do you really get for your investment? And what type of things do you need to think about when you go to purchase.

You will have heard the old expression,’ that you get what you pay for’. And this is true in the case of Riser Recliners. If you going to spend hours sat in a recliner and possibly spend some time sleeping in the chair, why would you go for the cheapest on the Market? The component parts will be of poor quality, the foam seat cushion will collapse very quickly and the motor will not last very long. By purchasing a cheap riser recliner you may be investing in a whole lot of problems and aggravation. And you will find that a poorly fitted chair can cause any aches and pains you may to be magnified. So expert advice and guidance is an essential, below are some points to think about.

What’s the difference between a Single and Dual Motor Riser Recliner?

There are two main types of Riser Recliner on the Market in the way the chair functions. Single Motor and Dual Motor. The Single motor mechanism is usually a simple 2 button handset. Forward and backward and a lift function. With a more budget riser recliner you may find that as the back reclines the footrest raises at the same time, meaning then when the back is reclined, you are almost in the fully reclined position, not ideal if you want to put your feet up to watch TV. The Dual Motor Mechanism usually offers a 4-5 button Handset. This type of mechanism allows the footrest and backrest to be worked independently giving the user total versatility. You will also find that on most models a dual Motor will recliner further back than a single motor model.

Why are there so many different sizes and shapes or chair?

One size does certainly not fit all. Many British made manufacturers offer their riser recliners are available in at least 3 sizes. Small/Petite, Standard and Royale. This is due to the fact that people come in all shapes and sizes and a chair that may be suitable for one person may be totally the wrong size for the next person. As the products are usually purchased by older users with mobility issues, the size of the chair is critical in long term comfort and support. The rule of thumb really is that when a customer is sat in the chair, the front of the seat should catch the back of the user’s knee, and you should be able to put your feet on the floor, they should not be floating. The Back height should be able to support the head without it rolling about.

What type of recliner Mechanism should I choose?

What type of mechanism can have a massive effect on how the recliner functions. Many users of electric and riser recliners may have circulation issues. Some riser recliners do not fully extend the footrest meaning the footplate slopes forward when raised. This makes the product useless if the customer has any fluid in the legs. We would advise that if a user has circulation issues, a riser recliner that allows the footrest to lift above the seat cushion, allowing excess fluid to naturally drain from the legs.

What covering is best for my new recliner?

The covering of the recliner is something to consider. There are several covering available for most riser recliner. PVC, Bonded Leather, Fabric, Leather and Anti-Bacterial Fabric. PVC material can be easily wiped down, as can bonded and quality leather. Anti-Bacterial material is ideal for care home setting and hospitals. Fabric can feel warmer than other material on the market; however leathers are room temperature, so if your room is warm the leather will be warm also. You will usually get a longer life out of the recliner by purchasing a quality leather or fabric.

Can I purchase any extended warranties on my new recliner?

The warranty length is important for peace of mind. Legally all products supplied in the UK must come with at least a 12 month warranty period. However many retailers offer extended warranties. These vary widely in cost but can be invaluable if the product develops a fault after the standard warranty has expired. Mew motor can cost approx. £150 and small replacement parts are not cheap. It is always worth asking the retailer the cost of an extended warranty, then weighting up whether you feel the extra cost is worth the price.

Will I receive a high quality of Aftersales Service?

What sort of after sales service is offered by the retailer is something that many customers don’t think about until they need help after a purchase. Riser recliners are purchased more as a necessity rather than a luxury, so after sales service is critical. British made riser recliners can be a little more expensive at the point of purchase, but the quality of the product and the length of the warranty make them a terrific investment. Sherborne and Celebrity riser recliners are both made in the UK and use the best leathers, frames, and electronics on the market. The manufacturers are so confident with the quality of the product that they offer a 5 Year Warranty on the recliners. This includes Electrics, Frames, covering etc.

For more information on riser recliners request your free brochure and information pack by telephoning our showroom (Quote LL032014), or visit one of our comfort studio’s for expert advice in a non-pressure selling setting.


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