Three Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

PUBLISHED: 00:00 28 November 2014 | UPDATED: 16:54 15 May 2015

Betta Living - Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Betta Living - Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms


We explore ways to revamp your small spaces to help make the most of your new or existing sleep sanctuary.

Betta Living - Design Ideas for Small BedroomsBetta Living - Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Apply these three simple, stylish solutions to improve your bedroom design and maximize space.

Having a small space doesn’t mean scrimping on style, least of all in a bedroom. A habitat for cosy touches and basic essentials, a bedroom is a vital sanctuary in any home, designed to be relaxing and tranquil. Making the most of this space can be easy with the use of these three tricks and tips:

Betta Living - Design Ideas for Small BedroomsBetta Living - Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Reduce clutter and maximize storage

Spring clean, autumn clean, winter clean, it really doesn’t matter which season approaches – getting rid of excess clothing, life admin, junk and excessive ornaments at any time of year helps to cleanse your environment. Not only that, but it provides more room for key furniture items. Adding a wall of wardrobes and built-in shelving will help to clear the clutter in one swift move, while under-bed storage provides an extra hiding place.

Betta Living - Design Ideas for Small BedroomsBetta Living - Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Avoid crowding decorative features

Taste is very personal, and when it comes to choosing decorations for your humble abode, the bedroom is no exception. In order to create space, it’s vital to have a clear theme in mind from the start. One trick is the use of a block colour. Painting a smaller room one colour helps to avoid a noisy colour combination. Creating a feature wall with a complimentary wallpaper design will draw the eye, and for a homely feel, a cluster of frames with a variety of art, prints and photos makes for a personal point of interest. Remember to take care not to over-fill the feature wall.

A large mirror may seem like an obvious choice for any bedroom, but it’s a trick that works well when creating the illusion of a bigger space, especially when paired with wall lights.

Furniture: less is more

Opting for a few larger, essential pieces can actually make the room appear more spacious. Rather than a multitude of standalone, clunky wardrobes, book shelves and bedside tables, using big, dramatic furniture can work to great effect. Betta Living’s bedroom range may offer you some creative inspiration to help transform your sleep space.

Before looking to change any bedroom, it’s wise to make a note of its size and shape to pinpoint awkward areas that would be better suited for use as storage space. Measuring up before buying furniture will also help to avoid wasting hard-earned cash that could be invested in other areas of the home.

Most of all, however, don’t forget to make it your own. A home is an extension of your personality, and by combining the tips above with your own individual flair, you will be able to transform any space, large or small, into a personalised retreat.

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