Lancashire Poetry - Beached heart, TP McKew

PUBLISHED: 10:24 28 January 2013 | UPDATED: 22:40 20 February 2013

Lancashire Poetry - Beached heart, TP McKew

The spot where she said it is covered again

Salt water hiding the scene of my tears

Twice every day the sands are washed clean

But the pain in my heart still sears.

We met on the Green in Lytham

She wanted to dance, but I have no rhythm,

So we walked to St Annes and had tea at her Grans

Or wed feast on the crumbs we found at my mums.

We never had much but I promised her more

I promised the world as we walked by the shore

The beach was just ours, away from the cars

And the noise of bustling life

I proposed on one knee under the pier

She said to me Yes, were going to be husband and wife

I said Forever, she said For keeps

My heart, it was doing such leaps

But two years later my heart lies shattered

Shes taken away everything that mattered.

We made grand promises each

But on Morecambe beach

She left me for a man named Eric.

Im not very Wise, but it was quite a surprise.

TP McKew. 2013

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