Lancaster A city of ancient and modern

PUBLISHED: 12:53 28 December 2009 | UPDATED: 15:29 20 February 2013

The Ashton Memorial

The Ashton Memorial

Photographer John Cocks visits Lancaster, where new and old stand side by side

EVERY Hallowe'en Lancaster revisits its gruesome past with a series of spooky events but it's not all blood, guts and gore. Almost 400 years ago the Pendle witches met their end at the castle and scores of people will follow in their doomed footsteps this month to remember their story.

But many more will head for the city to enjoy its modern charms; its shops, galleries, theatres, pubs, restaurants and attractions. Photographer John Cocks took a seasonal tour of the city to show what gives Lancaster its modern magic.

In with the new hasn't meant out with the old in the city centre, where ancient and modern stand happily side by side.

And, unlike in many other places, the city centre shops - a pleasing mix of big name stores and small independent boutiques - have not detracted from the splendour of the architecture. Even the newer shopping centres blend in sensitively with the centuries old buildings all around.

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