Portrait of a Northern City by David Birtwistlem - Lancashire Poetry

PUBLISHED: 14:02 20 January 2010 | UPDATED: 11:42 28 February 2013

A poem by David Birtwistle

Th colours are Paynes Grey and Indigo

Splashed and daubed in a web of jagged fragments.

Coal black ribbons weave an intricate lattice

Knotted with Ultra Marine veins

Brushed over with Hookers Green blobs where parks

And squares stake their claim.

Drunken Crimson gables stagger to the river,

Hang over and puke on the rising morning mist,

Whilst vague stick images flit in and out

Of slanty shadows to cavort indecently

Under Ochre blotches of lanterned light

And naked neon limbs to disappear into

Dawns tulle shades and grubby morning pavements.

Shining Pewter Grey and drizzle bright.

Scoot mangy cat! Scurry off home.

Time to shake up the cardboard duvet.

Throw out the bottles.

The Citys awake.

David Birtwistle

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