Rivington Unitarian Chapel by Peter Street - Lancashire Poetry

PUBLISHED: 11:59 02 August 2010 | UPDATED: 11:52 28 February 2013

A poem called Rivington Unitarian Chapel by Peter Street

Rivington Unitarian Chapel

Shrubs on the outside wall
are clambering up
on fingertips
to the leaded windows.

The yew tree at the front gate
has been asking them for a favour

to take one peep to see
if the same tall pulpit
is still there against the wall
relaxed, welcoming everyone
with bible stories, poetry
the odd joke or two.

To look whether
the same box pews sitting there
from three hundred years before,
had moved, stretched,
gone walkabout or modern.

Whispers start to leap-frog
over the front few grave stones
back to yew tree saying:
Everything is has always.

Taken from the collection "To Wigan Via Reykjavik" by Peter Street.

For more of Peter's work read "Thumbing from Lipik to Pakrac New and Selected Poems." by
Waterloo Press.

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