Southport Artist Faye Whittaker

PUBLISHED: 00:29 13 January 2010 | UPDATED: 14:54 20 February 2013

Available at Amazon

Available at Amazon

AS a youngster, Faye Whittaker was inspired to paint by Southport's beautiful Lord Street. And this view, of the famous boulevard in 1907, set Faye on a career path which has turned her into an artist with an international reputation.

Artist Faye Whittaker started painting her home town of Southport. Now, she's heading back to promote a new book of her art

'I painted in an around here all through my teens and a view of Lord Street was my first ever limited edition print,'

says Faye, who sold her first piece of work at the tender age of 14. 'It taught me to appreciate the effects that the sun has as it filters through the leaves, making the striking dappled patterns on the pavement.

'Needless to say, this street also inspired me to paint most of my watercolours set in the Edwardian era.' Faye, who now lives in Brighton, is about to publish a 100 page book consisting of 35 colourful crossstitch patterns which form delicate paintings. It is published by David & Charles and it will be launched this month.

The multiple award-winning artist is best known for delightful pictures of young Edwardian children playing on beaches. 'Growing up on a coast where they still had donkeys on the beach and gailycoloured huts on the sand gave me ample reference to days gone by,' she says. 'I still love going back home.' Faye is planning a book signing and exhibition in Southport next summer.

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