Wildlife photography - Garstang Marina

PUBLISHED: 13:01 04 April 2013 | UPDATED: 09:17 13 June 2013

A drake dives for cover

A drake dives for cover

Photographer Glynn Ward manages to start a fight with a loaf of bread

People who work in the media know that its not unusual for a photographer to start a fight. However, its less common for them to do it with a loaf of bread!

Thats what Lancashire Life freelance photographer Glynn Ward managed while perched on the front of his narrow boat at Garstang Marina.

And, as you can see from his stunning set of pictures, he caused quite a flap. I was sat there feeding the ducks when, suddenly, these gulls came from nowhere and started attacking the them, says Glynn. They were incredibly vicious.

Using the sort of low cunning that got David Attenboroughs film crew in trouble, he marched into Garstang and bought another loaf. This time he settle back with his camera at the ready.

Sure enough, the same thing happened, he says. It looked to me like the gulls were trying to drown the ducks by pushing them under the water.

There were 40 or 50 of them coming down in waves and pecking at them. They didnt do any real harm but it was quite scary.

Having recreated a scene reminiscent of Hitchcocks film The Birds, he set his camera to a very fast shutter speed and captured the avian punch-up for Lancashire Life readers.

The fascinating bit was looking at the pictures later because you could see things that would be impossible to catch with the human eye. Everything happened in a blink.

Someone had a look at them and accused me of digitally enhancing the images but they are untouched.

Glynn knows if he was caught doing that hed be up before the beak.

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