Hairy Biker Dave Myers talks about shedding three stones and plans for his new tour

PUBLISHED: 15:54 06 November 2012 | UPDATED: 12:15 28 February 2013

Hairy Biker Dave Myers talks about shedding three stones and plans for his new tour

Hairy Biker Dave Myers talks about shedding three stones and plans for his new tour

Hairy Biker Dave Myers talks about shedding three stones and plans for his new tour. Emma Mayoh reports

Dave Myers has learned a lot of new tricks this year. Escapology, magic and he been so busy that hes also probably learned how to be in two places at one time. His list of new ventures have all been things he has learned for his new tour with fellow Hairy Biker, Si King. Together they will tour the country for the Larger than Live show which will include tales from the pairs culinary expeditions, some cooking and also give them the opportunity to show some of those new tricks they have learned.

Dave said: Weve been having great fun so far and rehearsals have been hilarious. Well have lots of things for people to watch and our own little restaurant for people to eat in. It will be a proper night out. Weve even got strip tombola.

The escapology has been really fun. But I must admit I keep thinking about doing it wrong and ending up locked in unable to escape. It would be so embarrassing. I would probably just end up being left on stage with no one to get me out.

But the 55-year-olds biggest trick this year has been his disappearing act. Many of you will have no doubt tuned in when the Barrow cook joined Si King on their series The Hairy Dieters. The show followed them as they attempted to lose weight without compromising on good quality, great tasting food. They each lost three stones and have managed to keep it off. The idea has been so successful that the book produced to accompany the series was the one responsible for knocking off 50 Shades of Grey from its pedestal at the top of the bestseller list.

Dave said: It was a real wake-up call. We were what youd called fat fitties. We were active and did lots of things but we were also fat and probably heading for serious heart problems. We both needed to do something and the years of doing what we do had caught up with us.

Now Im lighter than I was over 30 years ago. We had to make some compromises in the short term but the long term gain will be so much better. Its absolutely great. The book beating 50 Shades of Grey was also a bit mad, although we have always known our food was sexy and proves that the way to a nations heart is still through its stomach.

It is possible the wealth of local produce available in Daves Lake District homeland has helped him drop the pounds. But it has also been down to the help of his personal trainer, Martin Ostler, also a rugby player for the Barrow Raiders.

He said: Martin has worked me really hard but he has been fantastic, it has worked and helped me get the weight off.

Im so glad I did all of this before my inevitable heart attack happened. I feel like its made me a new man.

Dropping the weight and keeping it off has given Dave a new lease of life and hes keen to keep it off on the tour. He is also very much looking forward to returning home for dates in the north west.

He said: Going back to Forum 28 in Barrow is great. That really is a great venue and I can also go home and see my friends and family. But Im really looking forward to all of our north west dates, we get such a good reception.

Im very proud of being where Im from and its really good to be able to go and spend time with those audiences.

Dave, who met Si King while there were both working on a Catherine Cookson film adaptation, has come a long way from the smash, mince and peas he used to eat with his dad when he was growing up in Barrow.

He has travelled to all corners of the globe in pursuit of the new flavours and dishes. It is stories from their travels that they will be sharing on their tour.

Dave said: Weve met some real characters and some remarkable cooks. We love being able to share our stories with people as well as provide them with a really entertaining night out.

I really love what Kingy and me do. I enjoy cooking and Im lucky enough to travel with it too. It can be absolutely bezonkers sometimes, really good fun. We cant wait to get started.

The Larger than Live tour will come to King Georges Hall, Blackburn, on November 8th, Boltons Octogon Theatre on November 24th and Prestons Guild Hall on December 1st. For more details visit

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