Streetsound single set to raise funds for Blackpool youth

PUBLISHED: 09:37 19 December 2014 | UPDATED: 09:37 19 December 2014

Streetlife, Ramin Bostan (Amurco)

Streetlife, Ramin Bostan (Amurco)


Blackpool based charity is using music to raise funds to help provide support and shelter to vulnerable young people in the North West.

Streetlife, Ramin Bostan (Amurco), Lee (Streetlife Worker)Streetlife, Ramin Bostan (Amurco), Lee (Streetlife Worker)

Streetlife, offers vital social and financial support to over 450 people every year. It has recently been announced that the charity are set to lose £100,000.00 of council funding in the next financial year, which prompted music licensing company, Amurco to get involved.

Amurco have used their position in the music industry to coordinate and fund a series of accredited workshops and recording sessions for the young people involved with Streetlife. The resulting track will be used to raised funds for the charity.

“The aim of the workshops was to create a song to help raise awareness for Streetlife, while giving the young people a voice and a creative outlet for their experiences.” Said Amurco founder, Howard Murphy

The workshops have helped develop the young people’s ability to recognise and use music as a powerful therapeutic tool.

In addition to the music workshops, Streetlife offers financial advice, one on one support sessions and a place for safe social environment to build connections to solve any problem or scenario.

Streetlife’s founder and CEO Jane Hugo says “Amurco have been an amazing support to Streetlife. It is really encouraging to know that local businesses care about the work that Streetlife does to support homeless young people. Not only that, Amurco have provided practical hands on support in a way that young people really value.”

The charity are now offering the track as a download when you make a donation to Streetlife through the project’s JustGiving page.

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