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PUBLISHED: 00:00 15 November 2018 | UPDATED: 14:01 21 February 2019

Sushil Chudasama (centre)

Sushil Chudasama (centre)

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Actor and broadcaster Sushil Chudasama explains why a Blackburn park is so special to him

A young Sushil Chudasama and his familyA young Sushil Chudasama and his family

Growing up in Lancashire you really are spoilt for choice for stunning views of the countryside. My favourite places that stand out from my childhood and still remind me of home are the green hills undulating in the distance from my first home and Darwen Tower which is visible from almost any open space calling me to come and explore. Plus the view from the top of Corporation Park by the old ruins where the canons stood guard over the town of Blackburn is very special.

My brothers and I would always race up to the top of Corporation Park, any way we could, up rocks or through bushes at times, avoiding the proper paths in order to be first to the top. I could never remember quite how to get from the main park where the playground and bird conservatory was, I felt like every time I went up it was a different route. It was probably my brothers who distracted and tricked me: “Go that way, it’s quicker, trust me!” and I always did, I always believed my brothers, I looked up to them but they always did a number on me. Brothers, eh!

I always loved that view from the top of the park, I thought I could see the whole world from up there, and every time I went up I would notice something new; another building; a different hill; sometimes I’d notice a small village or hamlet and always wanted to know what it was. I even used to imagine what battles those cannons had seen and regularly lost myself in some war story in my head. The seeds for a career in the arts were probably planted in my mind in this park.

Being a Lancashire lad, nature has become very important to me and as I have got older I crave my escapes to nature and regularly go for long walks and visit as many beautiful green places as I can. One of my favourite places now is Rivington Pike with its stunning 360 degree views. Entwistle and Edgeworth have also become regular hot spots for me squeezing in a good pub lunch at the Strawberry Duck or Crown and Thistle which remain favourite places especially when I am entertaining friends who are visiting from afar.

* Sushil Chudasama is presenter of (LAnCS) the Lancashire Arts n Culture Show, every Monday evening from 7-10pm on BBC Radio Lancashire.

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