Words of wisdom about Eccleston's king of the road, Bradley Wiggins

PUBLISHED: 09:45 31 August 2012 | UPDATED: 21:48 20 February 2013

Bradley Wiggins’s hairdresser, Tina Williams at her Eccleston salon.

Bradley Wiggins’s hairdresser, Tina Williams at her Eccleston salon.

Eccleston's king of the road Bradley Wiggins set the summer alight with his astonishing victories in Paris and London.

Millions of words have been written about Ecclestons Bradley Wiggins after his Tour de France victory, followed swiftly by the unforgettable Olympic gold medal win. The Londoner who adopted Lancashire as his home after marrying a local lass has inspired the nation, not just with his physical prowess but through his unassuming demeanour.

When Lancashire Life interviewed Bradley after his medal success in Beijing he spoke passionately about his regard for Lancashire and its people. Here, we have put together the key quotes - some not so serious - that have defined his summer of stardom.

Im a bit concerned because Bradleys sideburns have become wild, quite unruly. I need to get at them and give them a bit of shape.
Tina Williams, Bradleys Eccleston barber, reveals her concerns to Lancashire Life.

I saw all the people wearing sideburns along the route and it was mad. I dont think they have been this popular since Noddy Holder.
Bradley the trend-setter.

Nah, Im keeping them.
Defiant Bradley refuses to shave them off.

I love Lancashire and I particularly love cycling through the local lanes.
Bradley Wiggins talking to Lancashire Life about his adopted home after the Beijing Olympics.

Hes put Eccleston on the map. The village has been very busy since his win, mainly Press people and an awful lot more cyclists.
Barry Newton, landlord of the Original Farmers Inn, Eccleston. Bradley had dinner there with his family a couple of days after his win in Paris.

The place went daft. There was a breakfast television crew in the village at 5am and some of them were wearing stick-on sideburn.
Bemused early morning dog-walker in Eccleston after the Tour victory.

It is nice to be recognised for actually achieving something in life as opposed to spending seven weeks in a house on TV with a load of other muppets.
Bradleys not a great fan of Big Brother.

Well what a day, blind drunk at the minute and overwhelmed with all the messages, Thank you everyone its been emotional X.
Bradley Tweets while celebrating his gold with well-earned fish and chips and vodka and tonic.

This Bradley Wiggins bloke ought to be knighted by the end of the summer.
Bob Costas, NBC sports anchorman.

Sir doesnt quite sound right, does it? Of course it would be an honour to receive something like that but I dont think that I would ever use it. Id just put it in the draw. Ill always just be Brad.
Bradley is not sure about a knighthood.

She (The Queen) sent me a lovely letter which was nice to receive but whatever comes next is fantastic. Ill take it. Sir Wiggo sounds nice.
Bradley warms to the idea.

The great thing with cycling is that anyone can come and watch it. Whereas here, youve got to be the chosen few to get in somewhere like this and its a bit of a prawn sandwich fest.
Bradley, looking slightly bemused, after being seated on a Posh and Becks style golden throne at Hampton Court Palace.

Its a reward for the months of training, sleeping in an oxygen tent in the spare room, weeks away from my family and the sacrifices they have made.
Bradley on the hard work he has endured.

Sleeping in my tent tonight after nearly a kilo of wifes beetroot soup.
And the diet, via Twitter.

I knew it was going to be tough to do it in London at the age of 32. And I know I am never going to top it in my cycle career, so in a way I feel some melancholy too.
Bradley on life after London 2012.

It is brilliant to see a Chorley resident become such an inspiration. He has acted with such dignity and humility throughout the past few weeks.
Deputy council leader Peter Wilson reveals that Bradley will get the freedom of the borough.

To me, hes always been a legend. he didnt have to win a gold medal for that.
Wife Cath Wiggins, mum to their two children Ben and Isabella.

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