Suffering with back pain? How a chiropractor can help

PUBLISHED: 12:59 14 October 2020

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Picture: Getty Images


Our modern lifestyles can result in a range of back pains, according to Dr Mike Paull (Doctor of Chiropractic) of the Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital.

Dr Mike Paull of the Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital and his daughter Avissa. Picture: Wigan Family Chiropractic HospitalDr Mike Paull of the Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital and his daughter Avissa. Picture: Wigan Family Chiropractic Hospital

We spoke to Dr Paull for his advice on making lifestyle changes and how visiting a chiropractor can make a difference.

“I believe 99 per cent of people with back pain can be helped,” he stresses.

Can a chiropractor help with sciatica?

Picture: Getty ImagesPicture: Getty Images

“We see people with sciatica, slipped disc and other disc injuries, osteoarthritis and all sorts of conditions.

Low back pain, mid back pain, upper back pain and anything that might be caused by a trapped nerve can be improved.

“My job is to use my hands very skillfully and gently to release the areas of the spine, spinal cord or nerves that have become stuck to let them start healing,” explains Dr Paull.

How chiropractic works

“Usually considered a complementary or alternative medicine, chiropractic sees the spine treated with the aim of bringing about an overall improvement in physical and general wellbeing.

“From the late 1890s, the concept was that the chiropractor took a good look at your spine then assisted problem areas in working better,” he says.

“This then meant the whole person, body, mind and spirit, was in a better position to heal.”

Why should I see a chiropractor?

If you do have back pain, make an appointment, he urges.

“Any kind of back problem should be taken seriously as you use your back for almost everything you do. There are obvious problems like not getting out enough, not walking every day and sitting at a desk.

“In lockdown many people were trying to do a responsible job at home from the kitchen table, balanced with looking after the children,” he observes.

“We normally start by listening to the person then examining them (fully clothed); we might also do some tests before treating them.

“Over the years I have worked on developing a type of chiropractic care which is very gentle. In fact, some people say they hardly feel anything.”

Most patients have a course of treatment and are encouraged to follow lifestyle advice, such as walking more, which Dr Paull says is “like gold to the body.”

He adds: “People can get better from all kinds of things including back pain.

“If I work on your neck and back function and you get better it is exactly the same as if you have broken a limb and I put a plaster cast on and your body heals the bone.”

For more information visit or call 01942 498480 to make an appointment.

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